How To Make Money On Amazon Without Selling (2021) | An Ultimate Guide

How To Make Money On Amazon Without Selling

Many people are looking for new ways to make money especially in Covid-19 era.

This has been true for years.

In this article, we’ll go over how to make money on Amazon without selling a product.

And you’ll learn how to make money with a WEBSITE without selling anything!

Sound intriguing?

Sure, it is!

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Amazon’s footprint in the world is humongous.

About as big as the actual Amazon!

It would likely be difficult to find someone who hasn’t used Amazon in the past years for one reason or another.

This isn’t surprising news to you. Why would it be?


People can make money using Amazon. You’re likely not surprised by that either, but the ways in which you can make money on Amazon may surprise you.

If someone were to tell you that they make a good deal of extra cash using Amazon, your mind would naturally gravitate towards the likelihood of them selling goods on Amazon.

But you can make money on Amazon without selling anything.

Sound intriguing?

Like me, your ears probably perked up when you read that.



So, if you’re looking to make some decent extra money (normally 4 figure a month), and you realize the ubiquity of Amazon and would love to take advantage of their platform, don’t worry if you don’t have products to sell.

You don’t need to sell products.

You don’t need to create your own products and brand name and line and ship them through Amazon similar to Amazon FBA.

You don’t have to do any of that if you don’t want to. There is a far simpler way to sell on Amazon.

And yes, you can still make decent money on Amazon. Because there are some things that you can do for Amazon.



Here, we’re going to go over the ways you can make money on Amazon without selling anything.

There are several different ways to gain some extra cash, some ways more effective than others. We’ll cover all of that.

And we’ll make it as easy as possible for you to understand so that you can leave this article, hop on Amazon, and start earning some paper right away.

You really need nothing more than your Amazon account, a device that you already use to access that account, and your willingness to go through a few steps.

I mean, how sweet does that sound? Go pick out a big, new wallet and get ready to stuff it full of cash!

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The Best Way To Make Money On Amazon Without Selling Anything


Amazon Associate Program

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How To Make Money On Amazon Without Selling


Hands down, this is the best and simplest way to make money on Amazon without having to sell a thing!

Other people’s products will be sold… and they will be sold because you have linked an audience to them… and you have reviewed these products telling your audience why they should buy them.

That’s the gist of it! Set up a website, review products that you are knowledgeable about, and link your audience to the products on Amazon. And earn a nice, tidy commission.

Yes, become a digital salesperson, so to speak. There is a bit more to it than just that, so be sure to find the Amazon Affiliates Program in the Review Section for more details.

Hopefully, there is a new All-IN-ONE Affiliate Website Package, which not only BUILDS you the website you need, but also TEACH you HOW to OPERATE the site, how to DRIVE FREE organic traffic to it, and how to MONETIZE and GROW the site.

This package including 8 Direct-to-the-Point Video Courses will teach you ALL these so that you can operate everything by yourself!

See the Review Section for more details. See the FAQ section as well!

How To Make Money On Amazon Without Selling Anything — Introduction

For those that are extra careful and like to double check everything, YES!

You CAN make money on Amazon without selling anything

Maybe it sounds like there’s a catch somewhere, but there’s not.

Sure, you don’t just turn your computer on and start earning money. You have to put some work and some time in. But the prerequisites needed before diving into this are miniscule.

You just need about 3 hours to take a few courses to get all the knowledge, tips and skills you need.

If you know anyone who sells on Amazon, they have to have their products all lined up, organized, boxes and other shipping materials available… it can be a hassle especially in Covid-19 days.

This won’t be you. Because you’ll be making money on Amazon and you won’t be selling any products.


There are tasks that you can do in order to earn money. Endless little tasks, medium-sized tasks, things that someone’s willing to pay you for.

They tend to require very little energy and knowledge.

They are quite straightforward and have their own payouts linked to them.

Do many of those back to back to back to back and you’ll see the dollar signs adding up.


Maybe you’re a great designer but don’t have the patience for the rest of the stuff that goes with putting a design on something and selling and shipping that item.

If all you want to do is design, Amazon can do the rest of the heavy-lifting for you, and pay you your cut.

And of course, how does Amazon make most of their money?

How do the people selling on Amazon make their money? By selling the products. Of course!

How do people find out about those products?

Well, maybe they already knew about them and looked them up.

Or maybe they saw it advertised somewhere. Maybe someone recommended it somewhere.

And this is precisely where you can come in.



There are lots of opportunities.

This is just the precursor to what we are about to get into.

But now that you have a taste for what types of things are available, you’re likely ready for the main course.

We’ll give you the full helping of details on these ways to make money on Amazon without selling…

And then all you’ll have left is to travel that open internet road to decent monthly earnings.

How To Make Money On Amazon Without Selling in 2020?

Three Ways To Make Money On Amazon Without Selling Anything

Now, this is an interesting way to make some extra money. Amazon Mechanical Turk is also called MTurk.

This is the method that was previously mentioned in which you would be doing a lot of completing tasks that need to be completed.

So, you sign up as a worker, or a turker, and it’s a very simple form needing to be filled out.

You may have to wait a business day or two, but you will get a response soon to let you know when and if you qualify.

Once you qualify, get to turkin’!



So, What Is Turking?

Well, there will be a long list of tasks that need to be completed. The tasks are submitted by people, companies, whomever, and you can see a preview for what that task will contain.

You can apply to work on that task and if granted the ability to work on it, get to working!

They tend to be very quick and simple tasks, things that are paying you small amounts of money, but the payer just doesn’t have time to get to.

If you sit down and work through a turk list you can see the numbers start to add up.

Maybe you have to write google search descriptions or transcribe some audio. Maybe they just need you to take a survey.

It’s all quite simple and at a glance would look like it wouldn’t make you much money per task. But as long as you can soar through these tasks, the money adds up.

You probably tend to think of what is a fair amount of money to make per hour, and looking at the amount being paid to you per task would pale in comparison.

However, you probably don’t think about what you make per second or per minute, and if you did, this might compare quite nicely.

Best part about it is… no selling!

Maybe doing tasks isn’t really your thing. Perhaps it’s being creative that is more your speed.

Well, signing up with Merch by Amazon could be right up your alley!

This is a very interesting approach they have taken in this area.


If you are artistic, great with graphic design, this could be calling to you as a great way to make money on Amazon without selling anything.

Sure, the overall goal is to sell some T-shirts. But you don’t have to worry about the little details.

Sign up with Merch through the Amazon web page. Once your account is created you may come up with your design. Perfect it.

You can upload it and you get to set the price that you find fair. You even get to select colors and pen your own description. And then that’s it.

As if you were just a graphic designer for T-shirts for some company. That is the extent of you work.

Amazon takes care of the rest of the leg work. Printing onto T-shirts, packaging, sending, handling customer inquiries and orders, etc.

So, summed up, you design, Amazon sells, and then they give you your cut.

Sounds easy enough, right?

This is another way to get some extra money flowing into your bank account.

And there is minimal work to do.

Though an item is technically being sold on Amazon, it isn’t you doing the selling. This method takes the trouble of selling out of it for you.

how to make money reviewing amazon products

And here is, undisputedly, the best option you have to make money on Amazon without selling.

It is Joining the Amazon Affiliates Program.

This is an especially interesting option for those of you who read the last two options and knew you weren’t a creative graphic designing type and did not desire to be doing little tasks.

Using the Amazon Associate Program is fairly easy.

Let’s take a look at how to dive into it.



For starters, it’s easy to begin. No hassle for you. In fact, this is the best way to start Affiliate Marketing.

Do you have an Amazon account? Yes.

Do you already have a website or are planning to create one? Yes.

OK, you’re ready to start this profitable online business.

If Not, don’t worry. I’ll explain why.



Your site will need to be up and ready and then you can sign up for the Associate Program and await confirmation. (We’ll get into the site in a minute.)

No money is required to pay up front or anything like that. Opening an account is FREE.

So, by the time you finish reading this sentence right here… you could have applied to become an Amazon Affiliate.


And what is it you do for Amazon that makes you money?

Well, of course Amazon, and sellers through Amazon, want to sell their products.

What you can do is recommend products… any products… and that is of great help to them.

This is the best and most effective way to make money on Amazon without selling anything.

So, if you already have a blog or website that is set up to review products, great. If not, that’s alright as well. You can set one up.

Of course, there are varying degrees of complexities that your site could have and that’s something to look into a little later. But for now, all you need to know is that you need a website.

You can indeed make money with a website without selling anything. The problem is just the monetization.

And Amazon is the best and easiest way to monetize your website.


The most straightforward way to do this is to create a site or blog that reviews products.

You can search products on the Amazon Associates homepage. You may sort by categories and go looking for products you have or that you desire to purchase.

Grab the link provided to you (text links, image links, text and image links) and you’re ready to paste it into your site! We call that monetization!

Now, when you review these products on your site, you link people directly to them on Amazon.

And if people go through your link and purchase these products on Amazon, Amazon gives you a percentage. A little thank you for directing someone towards this product.

You just get a percentage, which varies depending on the products categories, but you can see how this can add up quickly and make a decent income by the end of the month.

Obviously, the more expensive the product is, the more money you can get. And the more people who purchase this product from your link, the more times you are counting up  1 – 10 %  of the product’s total cost.

You can decide which route you want to take. High-Ticket items that reel in more money per purchase… or lower cost items that tend to get more people willing to make a purchase.

Or find the happy median between. Or don’t worry about those semantics and review what you know.


If you’re a film buff and love all things related to watching movies and making movies, you can review anything you have knowledge about.

Review professional cameras and lenses that people can use to make movies (great 4% commission). If someone purchase a Nikon D850 at $3,500 through your affiliate link, you will get $140 just for that single purchase.

See the potential?


Or review movies themselves. Or review books dedicated to teaching people about the complexities of filmmaking (4.5% commission).

Choose whatever category you want. You’ll get commissions within 1-10% depending on the products categories.



And here’s a great perk. If anyone goes through your link you provided and purchases, not only the product you recommended, but any other products, you get your commission on everything.

Yep, you heard right. Anything.


So, if you review a camera and provide the link and someone uses that link to pick out that camera and then also decides they need a lens… that’s extra money for you too.

They may even decide they need more toilet paper and batteries while they’re on Amazon. Add that on too! Because you sent them there.

That’s a sweet deal. Because once people are on Amazon for one thing, there is a great likelihood that they will end up getting some other things.



OK, now let me just show you some real numbers from one of the Amazon Affiliate Websites which we designed, and is now 8-month old (at the time of writing this article: August 2020).

Note that only 20 well-written articles are making this income!

And the Website is just 8-Month old!

How To Make Money On Amazon Without Selling


As you can see, only in 11 days, this Affiliate website (designed by these experts) is making $622 ONLY from Amazon.

It is expected to reach $2,000 by the end of the month.

ALL Passive Income!

How To Make Money On Amazon Without Selling


How about $137 in a SINGLE Day?

There is NO LIMIT on how much you can earn!

This day they sold some high-ticket items such as cameras and lenses.


For example, let’s say a visitor comes to your website, and through your links, he/she goes to Amazon and purchase a lens or camera at $1,500.

Can you guess how much is your commission?

It is now 4.0% according to Amazon!

It means you will receive $60 by only one lens or camera! Amazing, right?!

Imagine you can sell one such camera per day; then you will get $1,800 commission in a month, while you sleep!



And, imagine if he/she purchases $1,000 extra products together with that camera or lens, YES, you will receive commissions for that additional $1,000 too!


Here is an example:

how to make money with a WEBSITE without selling anything


You will receive commissions on everything purchased through your links (not only the products you promote on your site).

There are so many good things about participating in this program, and with the new All-in-One Affiliate Website Package, you are ready to start earning from Amazon with proper knowledge and skills!




Now that you understand how that portion of the Amazon Affiliates Program works, and you’re likely deciding on what kind of review site you could create…

Now, let’s talk about the website and the knowledge and skills you need to start and grow this online business.

You are going to hear the best part of this article.

Stay will me…..


You may be someone who is very savvy when it comes to creating a website. If you are not… or if you just don’t want to spend all the time required to do that… no worries.

Also, there are certain regulations and guidelines you must follow in order to make your website compliant with the Amazon Affiliates Program.

So, creating the website isn’t as easy as designing it however you want.

Rather than go the route of doing all of that yourself… why not have a pro do it for you, and also teach you everything about the website operation and the Affiliate Marketing business in a few video courses?


The New Affiliate Website All-In-One Package is here to the rescue.

The Amazon Affiliate Website
ALL-in-One Package


Leave all the heavy-lifting to a pro group.

For a small one-time fee, you can push all of this time-consuming potential-headache inducing work to the side and let it be taken care of by experts who do this for a living.


They will design and build your affiliate website for you and make sure that it fits all the required details in order to be used with the Amazon Affiliate Program.


And the best and most valuable part:


They will even TEACH YOU ALL important things that you’ll want to know in order to operate, monetize and grow this website of yours.

They teach you how to bring FREE organic traffic to your site to send them to Amazon through your affiliate links.

You want to reach more and more people and earn more and more money, right?

So, why not learn how to accomplish that. And that’s all included in the one-time fee.

A Website + 8 Priceless Direct-to-the-Point Video Course!

See the list of these courses here.



In brief, with this ALL-IN-ONE Package:


  1. You don’t need to invest months & hundreds of dollars on learning how to operate & grow your Affiliate Website! You will learn these by 8 DIRECT-to-the-POINT Video Courses!


  1. You don’t need to pay for Keyword Research tools for bringing organic traffic to your site! The courses of this package teach you a blueprint to find easy-to-rank keywords for your articles topics! They will get ranked on Google soon after publishing!


  1. You will not only own your Affiliate Website but also learn how to operate, Drive Free Traffic, Monetize, and Grow it COMPLETELY on YOUR OWN!




Learn how to search for and determine the best Long-Tail keywords to be using for your particular articles.

Learn the best ways to use them, incorporate them, how often to use them, etc. 

We call it SEO necessities and SEO structure of an article!

This is valuable information that will help increase your overall earnings as time goes on.

The knowledge you will learn will give you the ability to intelligently craft each article in a way so that you’re reaching many potential buyers on the internet.

You will learn ALL about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that your articles are loved by search engines like Google.


Don’t worry about designing the site perfectly so that it’s also mobile-friendly, so that it interacts with different devices correctly, that’s ALL done for you as well.

Website design is not everyone’s niche… and it is very important.

It needs to be done correctly. A poorly designed site will turn people away faster than any other factor. It needs to be easy to read, friendly to view, and helpful and intuitive.

It should also be FAST and SECURE.

So, let the pros work on their niche while you focus on your Amazon Affiliate Business.


You want to focus on your articles for cameras, sports equipment, home furniture, or whatever your niche may be. You don’t want to give yourself another task that isn’t necessarily in your wheelhouse.

When you consider all of the behind-the-scenes work that needs to be done to create an excellent web site… and one that can earn you money… you realize it isn’t an easy task.

And such a small one-time fee they ask in return is a fabulous price. You’ll be able to make that money back in a day or two on Amazon platform after about 6 months.

And of course, making money will become all too easy for you.

After you’ve been making money for a decent amount of time, you’ll get used to your average daily income and your average monthly income, you’ll have a good read on what your site earns you. What it is worth.

It could continue to be an excellent source of income for you, whether it be a main source of income or a supplemental source of income.

Selling Your Affiliate Website

Empire Flippers

And hear this:

After some time, if the site is making great money, you could even consider SELLING it for a large chunk of cash all at once; 5, 6 or 7 Figures!

According to Empire Flippers, the selling price of such Affiliate Websites is usually between 30 to 40 times their monthly income.

For example, if the website earns an average of $2,000/month for about 6 months, then you can sell the whole website, at least for about $60,000. Or sell it at least for $100,000 if it makes around $3,000/month!

Indeed, there are now many bloggers who are running multiple Amazon Affiliate Websites, and then sell them for couple of hundred thousand dollars to scale their blogging business!



Again, let us show you some real numbers from real Amazon Affiliate Websites, which are to be sold at Empire Flippers platform!

We have selected 3 websites from different niches, ALL monetized by the Amazon Associate Program, and making different levels of monthly incomes.

do I need a website for affiliate marketing
do I need a website for affiliate marketing
do I need a website for affiliate marketing

Decisions You Should Make Now

The decisions you need to make now are:


  • What’s my niche (for example, photography, furniture, home, etc.)?

  • What am I an expert on or interested in?

  • Can I easily write reviews in this area? Or prefer to ask pro writers to do the writing for me.

  • Do I feel that I have multiple smaller niches that can all combine into one subject?

  • What’s a great name for my website (my domain name), and how to purchase a Domain (See this Step-by-Step Guide)?

  • What is the best yet affordable Hosting Provider to host my website (See this Step-by-Step Guide)?

  • And how soon can I join this program (See FAQ)?



Also… do you have time to be designing the site yourself? Likely, it is far more worth it for you to let someone else handle that.

The more professional and SEO-Optimized your site is, the more traffic it will attract and retain. And the experts are the ones who can make that a reality for you.


This is a fantastic way to make money on Amazon without selling anything. Or better to say, make money with a website without selling anything by promoting products of other platforms.

Amazon is the best for beginners to start Affiliate Marketing to make a living.


Let the sellers sell, you just review and recommend.

As long as people are selling items on Amazon, you can join in on the money-making as well. Directing extra traffic to them is clearly a huge advantage of them and you will be rewarded.

And of course, you don’t have to worry about the longevity of Amazon at all.

One of the most expansive and converting marketplaces ever, if not the most expansive, the sheer number of products flowing in and out of that site is tremendous.

Admittedly, I don’t think it’s something I can fully wrap my head around.

But I don’t need to. All I need to know is, if there is that high a volume of products on this site, then they’ll be around as long as they want to be around.

So, grab a pen and a pad, tap into your critical-reviewing portion of your brain, consider your areas of expertise and vast knowledge, and get ready to make some extra cash.

How To Make Money On Amazon Without Selling — Summary

Amazon is a place where many people can go to make some money. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t all involved with selling.

Desiring extra money but don’t have anything to sell? It’s not a problem.

There are quite a few ways to make money on Amazon without selling anything and the three we went over in this article are the most effective.

And if you really want to know how to make money on Amazon without selling anything… like make some real good money… the best option is through the Amazon Associate Program.


Let these experts do the everything for you and TEACH you EVERYTHING they know.



There will be some people who are all about completing little tasks over and over.

The Amazon Mechanical Turk program will work great for them.

You may realize you are that type of a person, who prefers tasks doled out to you for you to complete. Some people thrive in that environment and can lock in and breeze through many tasks, earning lots of money.

And yes, there are your creative types in which graphic design is right up your alley. And yes, if that is you, Merch By Amazon is an excellent landing spot for you.

Design it and forget it! Let someone else slap it on a T-shirt, sell it and ship it and all you have to worry about is your creative process. Coming up with hilarious images and text to display on T-shirts.

And you’ll make decent money.



But the best way to make money on Amazon without selling anything, the way that will fit many more people’s skill sets, the way that is going to earn you more cash more easily than the rest of the ways, is hands down the Amazon Affiliates Program.

You set up a website and write reviews on Amazon products or any other platforms.

Indeed, you can make money with a website without selling anything.

There will be some people who read this and don’t think of themselves as much of a writer. You don’t need to be Shakespeare to write a review.

Though his review of DIY Installable Windows titled “What light through yonder window breaks” was a hit.

No, you just have to be someone with opinions. And we all have opinions. If you enjoy a product and prefer it to competitors, you can tell people all about that. You probably do that conversationally with friends and family anyway.

That’s a review! You just haven’t made money off of it yet.

And reviews don’t always have to be written in such a technical manner. Of course, there are scenarios in which that is beneficial and may be the style you would like to write in.

Reviews can be more casual. They can be conversational even. The point is to tell people why a product is great and why they should buy it. So, however you can do that, that is good enough.

Go online and read some reviews of products you have or are considering buying and get a feel for how people tend to write them. Everyone has their own style. Your style can just be writing in the way you talk.

As long as you can be clear and detailed enough, you can do it.

And as long as you got an Amazon account, you can make money on Amazon without selling a thing.

Welcome to the digital age. Fire up your device and get ready to earn!

Mike is a Materials Scientist with passion in programming, Online Marketing, SEO, Web Design and Web Development. He is 40 and Director of SiteDesigno.
Mike is a Materials Scientist with passion in programming, Online Marketing, SEO, Web Design and Web Development. He is 40 and Director of SiteDesigno.